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ahoflogo ahofArkadenhof - restaurant Schwarzer Adler:

„We tell the story of beer, because we are the story of beer”, that is the slogan of the Arkadenhof, the oldest beer brewery restaurant in Leoben. Even the pope of beer Conrad Seidel realized that and elected the “A-Hof”, which is what all of its friends call the iconic restaurant in Leoben, the best beer and cheese restaurant in 2009.

The gastronomical offers from our historical restaurant are varied and diversified. The culinary specialties, which are prepared by our chef and his team, are oriented towards seasonal and regional delicacies and, furthermore, the all go well with beer. Especially our very fine selection of organic cheese brands should be accentuated.

The “Gösser beer menu” is legendary. It consists of half a pint of Gösser Gold-to bridge the wait- as well as a slowly drafted tankard for half a liter of beer from our Gösser special with a crown out of beer foam which is 4 to 5 centimeters high.

For more information please visit the website of the “Arkadenhof”


schwarzerhundlogo shVine arbour Schwarzer Hund:

Since 1895 the front side of the house with the number ten at the main square is graced with the emblem from the black dog. For years he watched the cozy inner yard which seems to have fallen into a deep sleep.

By this time, an excursion behind these walls from the historical building is not a mistake. The ancient vaults have been fully renovated and since 2004 the vine arbour and wine store is allocated there. It got the fitting name “Schwarzer Hund” which is German for black dog.“.

You can find more information about this at the website of the vine arbour Schwarzer Hund..


puplogo pupPub o‘ Cino - the bar:

Rumor has it that the Pub o`-that’s what insiders call it- is the hottest bar in Leoben.
  • Maybe this is because sometimes even our most spontaneous events end up with a water hose fight or a burning counter?
  • Maybe this is because our Pub-girls constantly find new ways to attract the public?
  • Maybe this is just because, thanks to parties and beer, we are not only the most popular meeting point of students in Leoben but we also got elected the Styrian beer pub of the year more than once.
For more information please visit the Facebook page of the Pub o‘ Cino..