Hotel Kongress

We at the Hotel Kongress cultivate the breakfast culture.

Every day we serve you hearty egg dishes with fried bacon, rich sausage and cheese plates, fresh fruits and fruit juices, a wide selection of breakfast cereals and much more. Our breakfast buffet consists of over 100 delicacies. There is also plenty of tea and coffee.

At the beginning of 2018, the breakfast appearance of the Hotel Kongress underwent a refresher treatment. The main focus was on the topic of "regionality", which is an integral part of the hotel's quality mission statement. Together with the hotel's own farmer's market representative Fredi Graf, the team tasted its way through the Leoben farmer's market and found some innovative and cooperative farmers, whose products have now become an integral part of the hotel's breakfast culture. A regional corner has been set up, where there will always be fresh, seasonal products from the farmer's market. It should not go unmentioned that coffee is also focused entirely on regionality: The served Java Premium Café is roasted in a gentle drum roasting process in the neighboring town of Bruck an der Mur.
Frühstücken im Hotel Kongress

Other innovations at the breakfast buffet:

  • The available space has been expanded by integrating existing but unused areas. This has two major advantages: With a high number of guests, there is no "battle" at the buffet, moreover, space for more cheese and sausage specialities as well as homemade spreads, homemade jams, yoghurt creations, fruit and vegetable plates and fish specialities could be gained.
  • Fresh egg dishes; are always available on order from the kitchen, these are included in the buffet price.
  • At the Cerealienstation, the hotel team is dedicated to the topic of "superfood" and offers products such as: Goji berries, which have a positive effect on the immune system.
The Hotel Kongress serves an all-you-can-eat buffet breakfast daily from 06:30. During the week until 10:00 a.m., on weekends until 11:00 a.m. External guests are kindly requested to make an obligatory reservation in advance by calling 03842 /46 800.

Information about breakfast:

Price: € 15,00
Mon – Fri 06:30-10:00 – Sat, Sun, holiday 06:30-11:00